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Signature Tee by I Am A Daddy's Girl!™

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Let me tell you how the Tees started. It was my first Father's Day without my dad. It was the most heartbreaking experience ever. He taught me about passion and pain so what else could I do? There was no passion....only pain. I wanted to honor him. I had no gifts to buy! No father to visit to shower with gifts of love. I felt that I had nothing....I was a Daddy's Girl! That's all I knew....

Ultimately, I said, "I'll make a shirt"! I guess.... I made a shirt for me...It was a way for me to push through the day. I started wearing my shirt well before Father's Day and people were asking me where I got reply was, I made it! Long story turned into a mini movement. The support from my friends and family was unreal. I was amazed and not only that, everyone who bought my shirt helped me make it through a very tough day. I am forever grateful.

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