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Write Your Heart Out! by I Am A Daddy's Girl!™

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Journaling can be the way to get what's inside, out! We aren't here to tell you how to grieve or how to channel your emotions but we wanted to share thoughts from the creator about what makes this journal so special.

Why The Journal?

This journal is perfect in all aspects. It's pocketbook sized, convenient and not to mention beautiful. Memories and thoughts can be fleeting, and you may never ever go back into your phone for to read the notes you originally told yourself you were going to go back and read. I'm a paper person for sure so it's what I needed in the time of need so we want you to have one too. So go ahead and Write Your Heart Out! It's important.

How Can This Journal Be Used?

This journal has no goals to set each day, no limitations and/or restrictions. What ever is in, needs to come out. Please see a list of suggestions on how to use this journal.

  • Concentrated Tasks

  • Memories

  • Thoughts

  • Sketches and Drawings

  • Goal Setting and more

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