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Prim vantage

Strategy | Coaching | Development | Implementation


Implemented by Nakeysha Janae
Founder & CEO at Prim Ink.

Meet Janae, the vibrant force behind our coaching and implementation services. With a perfect blend of fun and professionalism, Janae ensures business strategies are not only easy to grasp but a joy to follow, paving the way for your success.



Introducing "PrimVantage" – your exclusive ticket to business excellence. Our monthly coaching and implementation package, spanning three transformative months, is designed to provide a competitive edge.


With a focus on strategy, coaching, development, and seamless implementation, PrimVantage ensures a personalized approach to your business growth.


Benefit from expert guidance, one-on-one coaching, and the strategic incorporation of our top-tier graphics, print, and marketing strategies.


Elevate your business with PrimVantage, where success is not just a goal but a guaranteed outcome.




Each Month Will Cover


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