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Prim Apparel + Marketing

PRIM's Online Shop Experience

There is no better way to secure a client than having an online shop added to your website.  This is exactly where you want your client to be.  Allow us to start your shop with ECWID.  Literally sell anywhere.  Click here to start. 


If you need us to set your shop up click here.

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Automated Videos

Automated videos are the wave of the future. Videos provide a way for your potential clients to get to know you. They also provide a visual for you to showcase your best work. We are now

offering Automated, Explainer and Social Media Targeted video options. 

Click here to get started. 


Branded Web Banners

You may not need the entire web page designed.  You may just need branded banners to give your products and services a polished look. Banners can be used for multiple purposes and we are more than happy to create them for you.  Take a look around our site for examples or send us what you love! Click here to get started. 

Website Banners.jpeg

Social Media Templates & Posts

Everyone knows that a consistent social media presence is king!  Our design team will make sure your products and services are on brand every time.  The advantage of this product is to add value and give you the trust factor you need to secure the sell. Our templates are also CANVA friendly. 

Click here to start today!

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Mock ups & More

Mock-ups give your products the polished look needed for consistency.  We know it's hard to grab professional photos while working around the clock.  Our team can work with just about any type of product or design.  Just provide us with the file and we will do the rest.  Click here to learn more. 


Tangible Items

With apparel comes possible tangible items needed such as tags, washing instructions, thank you cards, product return cards, thank you notes, QR codes and coupons.  Please reach out to us for more information about this part of your apparel experience.  Also take a look at our shop for your needs.  

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