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Seriously...It's time to start getting your business in order.  There is no investment like  a self-investment.  Entrepreneurs are often busy making sure clients are great but we are still trying to "get it together".  These courses will be sure to provide a map. Learn from someone who has been there.  See below courses you can sign up for and take at your own pace. #Ready 

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It all starts with a vision or as some would say....a dream.  What is a dream without a plan?  How can you make this vision or dream a reality without writing down your plan.  News Flash! No one will EVER know the greatness behind your vision if you don't write it down.  Sign up today to get the question of HOW DO I START answered....This is just the beginning

  • Why Write?

  • The Thought Process

  • Wonders of the Subconscious Mind

  • You Become What You Write

  • Affirmations

  • Unlimited Possibilities

  • Revise & Review

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HEY! ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS HARD WORK! The earlier you get that in your head the better you will be.  Often times, we look around and months turn into years and years turn into what seems like forever.  No matter where you are in your business you can be successful.  Get the truth about how to manage what's between the start-up and the success. 

  • Focus

  • Time Management

  • Fail Not...Want Not

  • Hearing & Saying No

  • Self-Preservation

  • No "I" in TEAM

  • The Power of Process

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I'm sure you have heard the old saying...."it's always something" and that's correct....IT DOES! Life doesn't stop happening just because it's not convenient to you.  Learning how to manage, when you can't see how to manage is actually possible.  Come and learn how to shift your mindset.  

  • Life is a "B" if  You Let Her Be


  • Feelings

  • Positive>Negative

  • Solutionary

  • Purposeful Living


Many of us that think about launching a business choose colors because it's our favorite color or because your best friend heard a reason why you shouldn't choose a particular color.  There really is a method to the color madness.  Believe it or not colors speak to everyone.  What are you really saying in terms of your color choices. 

  • All Colors Matter

  • Color Science

  • Brand Recognition

  • Consistency

  • Developing Identity


There are benefits to either choice.  The challenge comes about when knowing what to expect from a contracted graphic designer or an agency.  Sign up to learn about how to set up certain expectations and what the end result should be.  We get tons of complaints from new clients about their past experiences..this course will save you lots of time and money.

  • You Get Exactly What You Pay For

  • Choosing A Graphic Designer

  • When to Utilize An Agency

  • Calling Tyrone

  • Contracts


I've seen the simplest logos represent the best brands and some of the most intricate logos that may not have made so much of an impact and vice versa. Let's get a deeper understanding of what a logo is and how to stop re-inventing your identity. 

  • Your Logo

  • What is YOUR brand

  • The $5 Logo

  • Research & Review

  • Your Walk Away

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The companies we admire usually have lots of experience.  Time, research, trial and error are all apart of what makes them admirable.  It is important to do what is best for your particular market . What works for one, may not work for you.  This course is perfect for those that want some out of the box guidance. 

  • Smoke & Mirrors

  • Kill the GAME

  • S.H.Y.

  • Best Fit

  • Niche It Up

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Budget is a lot of the reason why some of us feel like we are almost there but not quite.  The way your brand looks and feels is important.  It is your job to make your audience fall in love with your product as soon as they see it....but the love doesn't stop keeps going.  Find out how to create an experience. 

  • Pride of Ownership

  • 1st Love

  • The Experience

  • Consistency

  • Know Your Audience

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When there is so much to do, so much to plan and so many places to be it becomes difficult to be strategic with your marketing.  Often times I hear clients in their frustration and confusion about what they are doing wrong.  Most times you are doing it right but at the wrong times. This course will assist you with getting affordably organized in your marketing efforts.

  • Scheduling

  • Tools

  • Highways & Byways

  • Quick & Easy vs. Slow & Steady

  • Social Stamina

  • Social Media

  • Paid vs. Free

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